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Languages and areas

Languages /language pairs/
For about 10 years we have been specializing in direct translations into Russian:

  • from German into Russian
  • from English into Russian
  • from Polish into Russian
  • from French into Russian
  • we translate into Belarusian as well
  • other language pairs.

Areas /specialization/
Qualified translators specializing in a relevant area make translations. Here is the list of the main areas:

  • cars and car construction
  • business, management, economics
  • accounting, audit, finances
  • mechanical engineering
  • industrial and civil engineering
  • insurance; insurance and bank documents
  • telecommunications
  • law
  • other specialized areas
  • technical manuals and specifications
  • instructions, user manuals, technological regulations
  • contracts, certificates, business plans
  • technical documents and maintenance manuals for different equipment
  • business and personal correspondence
  • shipping documents for certifying bodies and customs authorities

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