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Translation Quality
We specialize in direct translations made only by native speakers. We do not work with dozens of language pairs. We specialize in what we do best, that is translation:

  • from Polish into Russian
  • from German into Russian
  • from English into Russian
  • from French into Russian
  • other language pairs: from Italian into Belarusian, Polish, etc.
This allows us to do quality and prompt translations into Russian at reasonable rates. Our knowledge of peculiarities of this language, traditions and mentality of the Eastern market is the benefit we offer to our clients.

Who are our translators?
Translators in Inter-Text Translation Agency are professionals with a long-term experience in their area and specialization. All translators are selected according to strict criteria. They confirm their competence by test results as well as by long-term practice. At the present time, we employ both full-time and distant translators. Each of them is an expert of his or her field of knowledge and works with the material of concrete area.

What does the phrase “native speaking translators” mean?
It means that translations are made into the native language. In other words, translation into Polish is made by a Pole and translation into Russian is made by a Russian and so on. It goes without saying that all our translators are professionals and not just people for whom this or that language is native.

As a rule, in Germany the translation from a foreign language (Polish, English, French etc.) into Russian is made via another language. For example, a text is translated from English into German and only then into Russian. We save your time and translate directly into Russian. This allows reducing the translation time and price and increasing quality.

Competitive prices
We do not make cheap translations – we make high quality translation and save your time.

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