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A translated text is usually considered to be not as good as an original.

We offer you to see yourself whether this statement is true. After all, it is not for nothing that they say: a translator is the author’s friend and ally.

Inter-Text Translation Agency has a wide experience in large-scale projects that involve translating large volumes of complicated texts.

We take proper account of requests and recommendations on the translation, making our best efforts to reproduce the text accurately. It is very important that native speakers make translations because only translating into a native language one can take into account all nuances to the smallest details. Therefore, we offer cooperation to translators from different countries of the world. We will be able to provide quality and efficient translation into Russian.

Our works

Health Education at the Basic School of the Republic of Poland "Health Education at the Basic School of the Republic of Poland".
Author: Bozena Zawadzka.
Translation from Polish: Inter-Text Translation Agency.
Brest: Academia, 2006. - 184 p.

The book offers a comprehensive analysis of health education at basic schools in the country. The book provides an empirical discussion of one of the major pedagogical categories, i.e. knowledge or, in this case, the volume, level and sources of informing pupils about health and ways of keeping and improving it. Both dialectical and theoretical aspects of this issue are examined in this work, and the author’s conclusions can be used as lecture materials for those engaged in the process of healthy life-style promotion at school. The book is written on the basis of the author’s adapted Ph.D. thesis. The materials can be used not only by the teachers in Belarus and other CIS countries but also by parents, students, postgraduate students majoring in Education and Medicine, by all those who are interested in the problems of health of the young generation.
Theory and Practice of Information and Communication Technologies in the System of Secondary Education of Poland "Theory and Practice of Information and Communication Technologies in the System of Secondary Education of Poland".
Author: Slawomir Kozej.
Translation from Polish: Inter-Text Translation Agency.
Brest: Academia, 2006. - 192 p.

In the process of education computers and the modern information technology give the opportunity to go away from encyclopedic learning, i.e. from transfer of large body of information from teachers to pupils. At the same time, these allow forming cognitive mechanisms on the basis of small volume of main information and developing skills of continuous education and effective processing of new information. Basing on wide factual material, the Polish educational system is described in this book from the point of view of using information and communicative technologies in the educational process. The author analyses the development of educational software at the modern stage and Internet educational potential on the example of general education and specialized secondary educational institutions in Poland. The work consists of a theoretical and a practical part.
Rural School in Poland: History and the Present Time "Rural School in Poland: History and the Present Time".
Author: Miroslaw Babiarz.
Translation from Polish: Inter-Text Translation Agency.
Brest:Academia, 2006. – 104 p.

The book presents a fundamental analysis of the historical development and current state of rural schools in Poland. The edition is addressed to teachers, postgraduate students, students of higher pedagogical institutions and to all those who are interested in the problems of school and pedagogics development abroad. Research has been made by the author not only in Poland, but in rural schools in the European Community and in the countries of former Eastern block.
Drug Addiction in the Armed Forces "Drug Addiction in the Armed Forces".
Author: Marian Endrzejczak.
Translation form Polish: E.E. Khodyniuk.
Brest, Publisher S.B. Lavrov, 2004. - 284 p.

Drug Addiction in the Armed Forces is dedicated to the analysis of drug addiction being a burning problem of the present time. This work attempts to evaluate the situation with taking drugs for non-medical purposes by soldiers in the armed forces, which can cause drug addiction. Until present, research of this type has not been made. The main purpose of the research is the study of information about drug addiction, evaluation of drug addiction rate, its scope, and various factors influencing soldiers and officers. The book also analyzes the phenomenon of drug addiction in other armies in the world. The author has worked out the soldiers’ drug addiction prevention program for the Polish army.
European Area of Higher Education "European Area of Higher Education":
Collection of materials and documents on Bologna Process.
Authors and compilers: V. Borisov, М. Dobrynin, E. Kulya, V.Rodenkov, Т. Smirnova, М. Strochuk, E. Khodyniuk.
Moscow, Editing center, 2007. - 368 p.

The collection includes the most important documents and materials connected with Bologna process in European countries. The most significant event of the last years is Bologna Declaration. It is aimed first of all at increasing the quality of specialists training and unifying the educational systems to meet the needs of modern society. This collection provides extensive information on Bologna process and gives the interested parties an opportunity to read the most essential documents and materials pertaining to the modern higher school in European countries.

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